Perfect support for ARM64

EulerOS is one of the best operating systems supporting ARM64 architecture servers. It has strong competitiveness in performance, compatibility, power consumption, etc., and continues to promote the ecological construction of ARM64.

−           mprove multi-core concurrency and enhance business performance; L2 Cache sharing technology to improve access efficiency between different OSD processes; the first implementation of the kernel hotpatch on the ARM64 architecture.

−           By cooperating with Linaro and the Green Industry Alliance, we will jointly build a green computing ecosystem to promote the development of ARM64 commercial and open source software.

−           Through the key features of the ARM64 server chip enabled, and continued to contribute to the open source community of Linux kernel, virtualization, GCC, OpenJDK and Docker, the performance breakthrough of core business scenarios has been realized, and the industrial ecology has been ripened.


Extreme Security

EulerOS is one of the most secure operating systems available,which provides variety of security technologies to prevent intrusions and protect your system

−           Configurable hardening policies

−           Kernel-level OS security capabilities

−           Passed the certification of China's Ministry of Public Security operating system information security


−           Passed the CC EAL4+ certification with the German BSI PP standard

−           Passed the CC EAL2+ certification with the US NIAP PP standard

−           Certified by the US NIST CAVP cryptographic algorithm

−           Support Nessus security leak detection tool

−           Support NSFOCUS RSAS security leak detection tool


Carrier-class Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

EulerOS customers are able to provide carrier-class ultra-long-term reliability and stability to their users. Maintenance team will provide 7*24 hours of service to ensure the business system that meets customers' requirements..

−           Fault management: prediction, isolation, correction

−           Hot swap: hitless scaling and repair

−           Software fault removal: kernel/user space patching

−           24x7 support for customization, debugging, patching, and field service

−           Compliant with industry standards i.e. Unix03, LSB, IPv6 Ready, GB18030


High Performance

EulerOS has done a lot of optimization in the compilation, virtual memory, CPU scheduling, IO drive, network and file system and so on.As one of the highest-performing platforms available,EulerOS is ready to meet your toughest workloads requirements.


Linux Containers

Linux Containers is an operating-system-level virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a single control host. Linux containers in EulerOS provide the flexibility of lightweight application isolation to reduce deployment costs of applications.


EulerOS Community

EulerOS is a open enterprise Linux operating system

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