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SDKs, APIs, IDE tools, and other business tools give developers the edge with HUAWEI CLOUD products.


HUAWEI CLOUD supports REST APIs. Get the latest API information here. All HUAWEI CLOUD products and services will be featuring their own APIs. APIs currently available:


Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Build a reliable, secure, and efficient computing environment to ensure the stable and continuous running of your services.

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Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

Develop, deploy, host, and operate your applications quickly and cost-efficiently with this Docker platform for containerized applications.

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Auto Scaling (AS)

Automatically adjust computing resources to your needs.

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Image Management Service (IMS)

Use a public or private image as needed to apply for an ECS.

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Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

Disks with virtual block storage feature high reliability, ease of use, and elastic scaling.

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Volume Backup Service (VBS)

Disks back up and restore for data accuracy and security.

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Object Storage Service (OBS)

Massive, reliable, and secure data storage capabilities at low cost.

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Provides you with a reliable and speedy network to deliver your contents faster and closer to users.

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Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Create and manage virtual networks, and strengthen network security with groups.

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Elastic Load Balance (ELB)

Distribution of access traffic to multiple ECSs improves application fault tolerance.

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Distributed Message Service (DMS)

Message middleware service featuring distributed, high-availability clustering technology.

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Simple Message Notification (SMN)

Reliable, scalable, and large-scale subscriber push service for email, SMS, and HTTP and HTTPS applications.

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Relational Database Service (RDS)

Available on login. Highly reliable, secure, and cost-effective support for standalone, active-standby, or cluster deployment.

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Data Analysis

MapReduce Service (MRS)

Hadoop, Spark, Spark SQL, and HBase capabilities to adapt to data import, data analysis, and report display demands.

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Management and Deployment

Cloud Eye (CES)

Open monitoring platform for resource monitoring, alarm reporting, and alarm notification in real time.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

User management mechanism for the enterprise organizational structure that allocates resources and operation rights to enterprise members.

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Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

Query, audit, and trace functions, as well as storage of operation records in real time using OBS.

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Anti Distributed Denial of Service (Anti-DDoS)

Refined defense against DDoS attacks for Internet applications, with prompt notifications for instant action.

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Key Management Service (KMS)

Easy-to-use and highly secure cloud encryption functions and key management so that you can focus on core application development.

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These software development kits let you code APIs for flexible deployment of applications, resources, and data. All HUAWEI CLOUD products and services will be featuring their own SDKs. SDKs currently available: